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18/03/2011 15:04:26
Re: Sick Leave & Hospitalize leave

Dear Mr.Siew,

I have a staff who have taken 18.50 days - MC, subsequently, he went through spinal fusion surgery, the doctor specifically mentione in his letter he is given " hospitalise leave" from 11/03/2011 to 18/04/2011.Does this mean the company still need to pay his salary from 11/03/2011 to 18/04/2011? What about the MC he took earlier?[the company paid him salary too]
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KL Siew
18/03/2011 17:22:36
For hospitalisation, the staff must have been actually admitted and stayed in the hospital. If yes, the company still has to pay.
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14/04/2011 07:36:25
Is 60days of hospitalisation leave entitlement counted for weekends and public holiday too.

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24/05/2011 09:57:16
Dear Mr Siew,
As u mantion for hospitalisation, staff must've been actually admitted n stayed in the hospital, how about they only admitted 3days the rest of day they stay at home but doctor given them 1month MC to claim . Does this mean company still have to pay them salary for whole month . Thanks! Regards.
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