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03/03/2010 01:19:56
Re: Termination During Probation Period

I had been working in this company for 7 months. The probations period is 6 months. During end of probation period of 6months, this company had extended my service for 3 month with excused that I am under perform.

A month later (28/2/2010, Sunday), I received a call from my HR, informed me that under company descretion, I do not get my confirmation. Therefore, I no need to report to work next day (Monday 1/3/2010). Salary will pay later.

Until today (3/3/2010), my salary is not ready and I did not receive any termination notice in written beside a phone call from HR.

1. There is no on job training, no warning in verbal or written concerning my performance during these 7 months time.

2. I discussed with my superior when received the extended letter on my performance issue but he replied it is decretion from boss, not an issue on my performance.

3. Upon received a call from my HR, reason giving by her it is company decretion, other thing she have no idea.

I want to find out the following issue :-

- Can I file a complain to IR and claim for reinstatement?

- Since there is no written documents stated that my service is been terminate and I'm not reporting to work for 2days. Should I report back to work or anything I can do to make sure this is terminated by company, I'm worry company turn the story round and it is become my problem.

- What sort of claim I can get from this company?
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KL Siew
03/03/2010 09:46:24
Yes, you can file a claim for reinstatement at the local IR Department. The claim is to get back your job.
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05/03/2010 22:29:00
thanks for the reply. But what's the point? Since company management had make their decision. I'm sure company will make me feel difficultive and resign by myself.

1 question, if I file a reinstatement at local IR department, will it refflect bad reputation for me?
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