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17/03/2011 15:05:55
Re: Termination employee

Can management terminate a staff who have following problem with immediate effect & without compensation ?

1. Monthly Salary including OT : Rm1,250
2. Date Join : 13/12/2010 Confrimation at 18/02/2011
3. No warning letter issue before.

Before confrimation, employee provide above expected performance. But after confirmation, the employee was provide the following performance:-

1. Riotous, disorderly behavior within the company's premises at any time, amongst superior.
2. Habitual absenting without permission and without valid reason.
3. Habitual & substantial negligence of duties.
4. Willful slowing down of work.
5. Slackness in performance.
6. Ceasing work before the proper finishing time without permission.

Thank you & Please advise.

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KL Siew
17/03/2011 22:14:46
Whatever it is, I think it is advisable to conduct a DI first.
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