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17/03/2011 09:40:12
Re: Payment of final salary

Dear Siew

Staff tender resignation for 3 mths notice w.ef 10/3/11 end 9/6/11.
- Salary 4k + Fixed Allow 300 + Car Allow 300. He request to be released early and Boss argee to release him on 24/3/11 but pay him until 9/6/11.

I don't know how to calculate his final salary.
Salary (1/3/11-9/6/11) = RM13,200
should the comp. pay his car & fix allow until 24/3/11 or 9/6/11?
his annual leave bal. 2.5 days - calculate until 24/3/11 or no need to pay him ?

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17/03/2011 16:59:47
may i know who requested to release earlier? Ur boss or that staff?
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18/03/2011 15:07:33
Actually he verbarly ask to be released earlier and boss agree with him because he don't have interest to work anymore.
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