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15/03/2011 17:03:11
Re: Leave application to appear to court

Dear Miss/Sir,

I am the head of department of a company. I have few staff under me and I am reporting directly to the managing director.

Recently, one of my staff had came to me to apply a leave. He said he had to appear at the court for some personal matter. I did not ask further as he said it was a personal matter.

When I brought the leave application to my boss (the managing director), she had asked my staff to come up and explain the reason for appearing at court. At last, I got to know that his mother is going through a divorce, and I know its a sensitive issue.

My managing director had always been a " not so sensitive" person. Thus, she had asked him to present the court letter with the leave application or she will not approve it. My staff finds this a bit sensitive and say that he will not want to share the letter with the company as it is personal.

Can an employer ask the employee to present a court letter for application of leave?


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Kl Siew
16/03/2011 15:00:24
There is nothing to say the. Md cannot ask.
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