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15/03/2011 11:39:36
Re: salary

Dear Mr Siew,

Our company salary is paying through bank. A staff requests to change his bank account number and new bank account number has submitted to Payroll Officer.

Payroll Officer was however bank in salary to this employee new and old accounts, means that this employee has received double salary for the month.

1) can the payroll officer has the right to deduct the extra 1 mth salary on this employee on the following month?
2) or is the employee has the right not to return the extra pay to the company ?

Please advise.

Thank You.

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KL Siew
16/03/2011 08:14:50
Of course you have to return if the deduction was due to mistake.
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06/04/2011 14:58:03
Hi There,

My name JeyaGanesh and i got a question.

My brother is working with one of the telecommunication company near Eastin. Recenetly there was a project in Sabah and he suppose to handle the project for 1 week only.

however, he was stranded there for almost 3 months and his company didnt pay his salary in february and march. my brother used his own money about 5k to run this project and have all the receipts but the company didnt pay him at all.

can somebody advice on this
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