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13/03/2011 10:49:14
Re: Does this sound familiar ?

This is not a racist remarks but a real situation in an establishment in Selangor.

1.Deduct salary for leave taken less than employment of 12 months. ( Rather than leave pro rate as per no of months already served with the company)
2.No paid sick leave but deduct salary though from Government hospital or [private clinic.
3.Salary paid at 2 Pm on last calendar day of month.
4.No EPF/SOCSO during probation period.
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14/03/2011 15:57:28
1) It is only compulsory to give annual leave after 12 months service. (Section 60E)
2) Sick Leave is to be paid
3) Salary is to be paid no later than 7 days from the last day of the month
4) EPF and SOCSO is compulsory irregardless of probation/confirmed staff
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