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11/03/2011 19:29:00
Re: Payment of Salary


I have a few questions pertaining to payment of salary;

1) Is there any section in the Employment Act 1955 or any other act mentioning that an Operator's salary must be paid twice a month?

2) If the Company has been practicing payment of salary twice month to its Operator, can the Company now change to payment of salary only once a month, ie. at the end of the month?

3) Does the Company needs to inform the Labor Dept or put up a notice to the Operator about the change in the payment of salary?

TQ... BL
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KL Siew
12/03/2011 06:46:03
1. It may be mentioned under Advance of wages.
2. Employees would usually more happy to receieve salary twice a month, but more difficult for the employer. They can change if they want but workers can always discuss with the employer.
3/ Don't think so it is necessary, but the employees can consult the Laobur Department.
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