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10/03/2011 14:46:02


One of the staff applied for further study and she need to go for leave every Saturdays. CEO had rejected this application because it will jeorpardize her job and bad remarks from colleague and her subordinates. CEO recommended her to resign from the company and concerntrate of her study and if she wants to continue working she may do so.

Furthermore, her Master will not be used for the company because she had highlighted that once she receive the Master, she will find new job.

She did not follow CEO's recommendation but take annual leave and unpaid leave.

Can the company give her warning letter because she did not follow CEO's recommendation ? I doubt because she did not absent, but she applied for annual leave and take unpaid leave.

Thanking you in advance.
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KL Siew
11/03/2011 07:20:53
Yes, the company can take action especially taking lots of unpaid leave.
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17/03/2011 17:03:34
why her HOD want to approve her leave??
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