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Ms Lee
09/03/2011 15:14:09
Re: Resignation

I am a confirmed staff and currently has tender my resignation by giving 1 month notice and 1 month salary in lieu due to short notice.

My current company seems need my help to finish some projects. Do they have the rights not to release me in one month time if i can pay for another month short notice.

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KL Siew
10/03/2011 06:52:28
If you think you should go, then you go.
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28/03/2011 20:56:25

I had been work at previous company 9 months. My resignation on 09 March 2011. Within 9 months i didn't received any appoinment and confirmation letter. Since without signatory and didn't received appoinment and confirmation letter, it is consider resign in 24 hours? Within 9 months previous employer didn't pay me EPF, so i have to made a report at KWSP on 10 March 2011.

Official EPF has been came over to previous company on 18 March 2011. Previous employer not satisfy i'm report to EPF, so now they always call and SMS to me saying that im not give enough notice on resignation, this is against labour law. Am feeling they try to threaten me so i had made a police report on 25 March 2011. I want to know my resignation in 24 hours is it effective? Coz i din't received any appoinment and confirmation letter from previous company.

Kindly reply me with as soon as possible.

Thank in advance.

c k
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