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08/03/2011 20:28:41
Re: erm...Money

hi kl siew...first i must tell u ....tht my eng is ...very bad sorry ya! try reply me after i asked a question.

last year disember ,i was hitting by spannar at my nose while repairing car.My nose bone crack n DO OP at 25th dec and 14 feb 2011 i recovery n finish follow up GH Penang..n today i just submit my form claim socso to perkeso office....

in evening ,my boss tell me tht ....if u get money from perkeso... URS MC money....u must give to us...coz we got pay urs salary in urs MC day ....n this is laws.....

are this real laws?got this such thing?

PS: i got go to work on MC day (8day)

pls hurry reply me thx n my eng very bad....
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KL Siew
08/03/2011 21:41:04
You should ask SOCSO about it. Don't write to SOCSO, but go there personally and talk to one of the officers there.
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07/03/2013 08:49:39
HI K.L.Siew,

Would like seek ur advice that how many days of Medical Leave then enitled for socso claim due to injuiry in workplace.

Tank You
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