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08/03/2011 18:45:14
Re: salary

I was work for maxis as hotlink hot ticket promoter for 1 day.The salary that they offer to me is rm 54 per day (working time maximum 5 hours per day). But the first day they require me to work for them until 9 hours which is different with the terms that they offer to me. I contact my agent on that night that i wasnt work for them already. They refuse to pay me the 1 day salary because of i din resign to maxis side,but i already do it so to my agent(they hire me through agent),so i feel that not the excuse for maxis not to pay me salary.
May i know can i sue maxis centre because they refuse to pay me 1 day salary?
PS:few promoters also never receive their salary.
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KL Siew
08/03/2011 21:38:02
You can go to the Labour Office to make a claim for it if you want.
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