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Ms Lee
08/03/2011 17:27:54
Re: Penalty & MC

Hi I just wanted to ask, does the company has the rights to penalised worker for coming late to work. E.g. Late 1 - 15 minute Rm5, 15-30 minute Rm10, after 10:30pm deduct half day leave

And if you did not apply for this half day leave, they will penalise another Rm20. If you pay later than 2 weeks, then they double the penalty.

Then for MC, if we submit MC on the third day, they will penalise RM20
and if we see panel clinic and the panel clinic charge more, then we have to pay the company.
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KL Siew
08/03/2011 17:44:32
Just play by the rules, you will be OK.
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