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07/03/2011 11:54:25
Re: allowance

my company is giving petrol and meal allowance for daily worker it is subject to epf and socso?
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KL Siew
07/03/2011 12:25:49
You better ask EPF and SOCSO about it.
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28/03/2011 10:49:39

i work in a retail environment
my company is currently paying meal allowance of RM100 each month...
my working hours is in shift. a balance of 3 days (10am - 6pm) and 3 days (2pm - 10pm)

recently my company implemented that all morning shift staff to come in 20mins earlier to do house keeping. meaning reporting to work at 9.40am and still finish work at 6pm...

we confronted HR saying its not fair as we are losing on the OT claims for the 20mins. HR say we are not entitle for the OT claim for that 20mins cause we are given a "meal allowance" and that cover this kind of of expenses/claim...

my ques are:
1. is my HR comment correct...??
2. can other expenses/claima be put under meal allowance...???

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Best to get official advice, call now! Labour Office   EPF   SOCSO