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03/03/2011 23:51:31
Re: if stock get stolen

i work in jewelry shop, last mth got some jewelry get stole by arabian, 1 of my colleaugue, half way arrange new stock from HQ, suddenly go out & serve customer & left everything on the table!
that time 4 ppl working included me, 2 is serving cust, the 1 who did the mistake also serve cust. i'm infront of pc checking stock with HQ accountant.coz the acc said very rush & need to finish by that day.....
now company want everyone on duty that day to pay the lost, after deduc will be 7k++, then the 1 who did the mistake, pay 50% from the amount & installment for 7mths (coz herself to request, coz after settle the payment, she want to resign), then the balance divide by 3ppl, each ppl need to pay 1200++, company force us to sign the letter to agree for the payment, why i said force? coz they hold our salary, after sign only release.
in this case, we need to pay? normally , if cctv caught who's mistake, then the 1 need to pay full amount, but now company said we don have teamwork, so want everyone to pay! whats teamwork? left cust aside & join together for the teamwork? or i tell the acc i'm not free to check the stock with u, coz i need to show my teamwork? i really not satisfy. company hold our salary for 3days already, what i need to do?
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KL Siew
04/03/2011 08:48:51
I think you need someone with authority to mediate. Approach the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department for help to settle the issue in an amicable way.
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04/03/2011 22:03:37
thanks for your advice...
but no 1 can help me.....i try my best already....
finally also need to pay....i'm really not happy & upset....
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KL Siew
05/03/2011 08:54:00
But you still can complain about non payment of your salary if you still have not received your salary by now, not about loss of goods.
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09/03/2011 20:24:20
thanks for ur advice siew =)
u 9day company never call me to give me a answer & not yet release my salary.
today i call to HR, everyone is push away the question toeach other...
somemore a public listed company.....
bully a small & pity staff like me?? ="(
why..... where's the fair ?? where is the law . . . .. . . sop sop
i work in the company for 4years +
1st time happen this to me, somemore not my fasle....
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KL Siew
17/03/2011 22:24:04
Why wait, go and make a complain.
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