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03/03/2011 21:30:11
Re: Annual leave

hi, i would to ask the annual leave entitlement after confirmation.
in the 3months probation period, leave taken is unpaid, however the annual leave calculation should start from the date i join or the date i confirm?

Example, join in 01/11/2010, so confirm in March. in my company leave entitlement for 1 year is 14days. Staff after confirmation will entitle annual leave. So, i should entitled how many days leave after my confirmation in march 2011?

Thanks a lot for ur help.
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03/03/2011 21:44:44
Sorry, confirmation is on February.
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KL Siew
03/03/2011 21:48:04
If your salary is not more than RM1500 and covered by the Employment Act, entitlement should start from date joining after completing 12 months service. If you are not covered by the EA, ask your HR about it.
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03/03/2011 23:10:25
Our HR is calculating the entitlement from date of join after confirmation.
if join at 01/11/2010, there will be 2 days entitlement on year 2010.. after confirmation, the 2days will add up with 14 days on year 2011 after confirmation. means, after confirmation on february, entitlement is 16days on year 2011.
I wana confirm whether the calculation is correct.
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