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02/03/2011 21:55:57
Re: Extension of probation for pregnant woman

Hi sir,

I have a staff who had join on 6th december 2010 and she was 5 months pregnant by then. In her contract of service stated that her probation period is 3 months. However, her seperior is not able to judge her performance till now and she will be due for confirmation on the 5th march 2011. The pregnant staff has earlier inform that she will go on maternity leave starting on 15th march 2011. Question:
1) can the employer extend her probation period.
If the employer able to extend the probation period, which clause of employment act can be used to support?
If employer not able to extend probation, which clause of law stated on this?

Thanks and regards.
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KL Siew
02/03/2011 22:14:30
There is no law under the EA pertaining to confirmation. It is up to the employer basing on performance.
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