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02/03/2011 14:30:40
Re: Termination during Probation

I have been working in this co for a month plus and I decided to leave.

According to the appointment letter, I need to give 2 wks notice.

If I plan to give immediate notice and without giving any compensation, what is the action that the company can take?

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KL Siew
02/03/2011 14:44:22
Pay two weeks salary to the company as indemnity.
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02/03/2011 16:09:49
Hi, Mr.Siew

how about if i haven't receive any appointment letter?? should i pay them?
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KL Siew
02/03/2011 17:13:01
Then it should be 4 weeks according to the EA if nothing is mentioned about notice period.
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05/03/2011 19:27:30
If I have not been given any appointment letter nor sign any labour contract and wish to resign after working a month but less than 3 mths. How many wks notice must I give upon giving my resignation letter?
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