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01/03/2011 23:34:05
Re: Salary

My mom just got her payslip and showed that she only got half month salary only. She did ask her supervisor but no answer was given. This is not the first time and as i know , my mom told me they even hold her OT claims.
And this company kinda racist. During the Chinese New Year, my mom wanted to take 4 days leave. According to the calender , the first n second day are public holidays but the supervisor told her , she only can take one day leave on first CNY then the second day will consider unpaid leave.
So I would like to know in this case..Can I make any complain?
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KL Siew
02/03/2011 09:53:04
You can go with your mom to the Labour Office to make a complaint. Give them more details about the problems.
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