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01/03/2011 20:37:34
Re: Resignation (and requested to leave early)

Dear KL Siew,

I would like to know if the staff's last day is supposed to be on 15th, but the company chooses to dismiss her/him earlier and the last day is on the 7th, what will be the staff's salary amount?

Will it be until the 7th or 15th?

Thank you.
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KL Siew
01/03/2011 21:58:46
Should be 15th unless dismissed on grounds of misconduct.
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05/04/2011 12:15:51
Dear KL Siew,

I would like to know if the staff's resignation letter mentioned that he wil given two months notice to the company which is last day wil be fall on 30 January but he has received two letters from the HR Manager, 1st letter mentioned that the last day wil be fall on 31 December and after the day, the HR Manager issued another letter to the staff and mentioned that "as per our conversation on the 25 January whereby both parties have mutually agreed to an earlier release, and the last day wil be on 30 January" the problem is the employee never agreed on that statement at all. As the HR Manager doesnt issue any mutual agreement for the both parties to sign. The HR Manager just issue an accepted letter and signed by HR Manager ONLY without any consent from the employee. Does the employee entitled to February whole month's basic salary?
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