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01/03/2011 11:10:12
Re: buyout notice.

Hi This is regarding a buyout notice.

I resigned on the 1st Feb (3 month notice period stated in my contract)but i intend to go off on 31st Mar (2month notice i given) payoff one month.

-I have a fix salary which Basic 3000 + Car park allowance RM200.
-5 days Annual leave (Hence, my official last day is on 24th March)

According to my finance dept, the payout calculating a/l days, we shd not include the CAR PARK ALLOWANCE. Leave days are earned based on basic salary only. Is that true? Cause its seem unfair when the finance told me AL are not include but yet my April month i need to include the Car park allowance due to that is fix salary to me.

Below is the calculation from finance
RM3200 for Apr month - 5 days AL (RM3000/26 days x 5)= The amount to pay off.

Is that the correct calculation?

Ur reply is much appreciate

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KL Siew
01/03/2011 11:25:09
No big deal actually. Pay up and get on with the new job.
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01/03/2011 11:45:24
Sorry siew.. Means the above calculation is correct? The Car park allowance is require to include for my end month ?
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KL Siew
01/03/2011 15:28:44
Looks unfair when that allowance is included in one and not in another. Really can't find anything to say that allowance should be included or excluded.
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01/03/2011 20:49:11
Hi, I have something to share on your case.

Annual leave is calculated based on basic salary only. If you have unpaid leave, it is deducted from your basic only. If you have remaining leaves, the calculation is the similar. This way, it is fair.

Whereas, your car park allowance is not a part of your fixed salary and considered a benefit for staff. When you leave earlier, you have to compensate the company for what they're paying you (including benefits).

Since KL Siew can't find whether it's lawful for them to do so or not, I hope my explanation helps.
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