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28/02/2011 15:25:02
Re: resign before going to work (Very urgent)

i need some opinion on this,

i had sign a employment contract with company A on 24th of Feb which according to the contract should be having effect on 3rd March.
so if i want to terminate the contract now due to some personal problem, should i be giving the company a notice for 1 month (according to the contract i should give 1 month notice if i'm under probation which i'm not currently) or just a 24 hours notice. Or is there any other way to make this done. thank you
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KL Siew
28/02/2011 21:51:09
You should get one month notice. If you want to leave immediately without notice to take up the new job, pay one month salary as indemnity in lieu of notice.
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03/03/2011 20:41:25
i need some opinion here...
i didn't have sign any contract with company and i worked 7 months ..but if i want to resign to take up a new job, should i be giving the company a notice for one month or just a 24 hours notice.
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