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27/02/2011 17:52:36
Re: Leave entitlement for recuperation

Hi, I recently fractured my ankle and sought treatment from government hospital. I was advised to rest at home for 6 weeks as that is the usual healing time and given MC for that period.

Can that period be counted as hospitalization leave? Or will it be deducted from my sick leave and my Annual Leave entitlement?

I would have gone back to work but my workplace has no handicap-friendly facilities and I was moving around on crutches. At home, I had my mum helping me when I needed to use the toilet.

Can you please advise? My friend from another company with fractured toe sought treatment at a private hospital and was hospitalized for two days and had her recuperation period at home and the two days deducted from her hospitalization entitlement of 60 days instead of sick leave and annual leave.
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KL Siew
28/02/2011 11:18:23
I don't think it is considered as hospitalisation. After deducting your ordinary sick leave entitlement, the rest will be treated as no pay leave.
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