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26/02/2011 15:13:50
Re: Absent after Public Holiday

Dear Mr Siew,

5th Feb 2011. 2nd Feb till 4th Feb 2011 is our company Public Holiday. There are number of employees

1) absent on 5th Feb 2011
2) absent on 1st Feb 2011 (normal working day) & 5th Feb 2011

My question is are they entitle to 3 days Public Holiday pay (2/2/11, 3/2/11, 4/2/11)?

Thank you in advance for your kind assistant.

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KL Siew
26/02/2011 20:44:02
I can only let you read Section 60D(2) of the Employment Act and arrive at your own conclusion. No comments from me.

"(2) Any employee who absents himself from work on the working day immediately preceding or immediately succeeding a public holiday or two or more consecutive public holidays or any day or days substituted therefor under this section without the prior consent of his employer shall not be entitled to any holiday pay for such holiday or consecutive holidays unless he has a reasonable excuse for such absence. "
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