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25/02/2011 17:55:26
Re: Terminate pregnant woman

After i start work for new company for few day only I realise i pregnant 2 month. Now I already work for 3 months and now pregnant 5 months. My problem is I worry my company will terminate me once they know I pregnant because it just a small company.

I call to Labour office at Selangor. Due to my salary is above RM1500, They said they can not help me. They said everythig is based on the
agreement if they terminate me, there is no other compensation. I really feel dissapointed and not secure being pregnant woman in malaysia because there is no protection for us who salary above RM1500.

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KL Siew
26/02/2011 09:31:56
You have to protect yourself. Next time, you should make sure you have a proper contract of service clearly stating terms and conditions like salary, leave entitlement, holiday entitlement, sick leave entitlement, maternity entitlement and so on. At the moment, just carry on working as usual and lets see whether they will terminate your service or not.
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