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25/02/2011 12:00:43
Re: ex-employer giving bad feedback to future employer


I have 2 issue (one mine, one from my friend)

i. I was dismissed from my previous company due to an offence (6yrs ago). i would say the offence is quite serious as i was working with a bank. after that, i manage to get new job and now working as a manager (5yrs oredy) in one of the bank as well (can't run to other industry... LOL).

Now i'm looking for another oppurtunity which also in a banking industry which can offer better pay. The problem is, the future employer has feedback to me that my previous employer has given a remark that my dismissal is due to an offence but did not further elaborate it and now surely my chance are getting slim or none. Is this permitable? people can change for better, provided they given a chance. but if my previous company keep giving a bad remark on me to any future employer i'm seeking to, this will kill my rice bowl permanently!

Can i seeking compensation or sue them on any available Act for my previous employer??? or something like stop-order thing?

ii. My friend left a company without telling their colleague or ex-boss that she actually went to a competitors company. She had been employed and working as an Executive. The issue is, previously when she was applying for the job, she claimed that she was an Officer in the company and applying for an executive post in the new company. Now, after her ex-boss get to know about this, he had spread rumors or bad words to the new company that she is like, she is like that, don't take her, and they even claimed that my frined has made a false claim that she is actually only a cleark in the previous company.

So again, can this permitted? what she need to do now?
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KL Siew
25/02/2011 15:03:13
For both cases, consult a lawyer.
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