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24/02/2011 19:05:08
Re: Staff refuse to sign confirmation letter


I am facing a rather difficult situation right now. I hope to get some advice from anyone who has the experience in dealing with my situation.

We have just given a letter of confirmation of employment to an employee. The terms of employment were similar to that as stated in her appointment letter. We have given her a payrise since the confirmation took effect.

However, it has been a month since the letter was given to her and she has not returned a copy of the signed letter to us, indicating her acceptance. We have reminded her on this matter and she seemed to be ignoring it. Overtime, we found that her work performance has been deteriorating to a level which is unacceptable. Our management has spoken to her on this matter but to no avail. It seems to us that she is looking for a new job and will soon resign.

My question is:
If the employee refuses to sign the confirmation letter, should her employment be bound under probationary terms?

Thank you for your time and help.

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KL Siew
24/02/2011 19:50:15
It is considered as confirmed. No need for acceptance.
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