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24/02/2011 14:15:27
Re: Resignation after completion of Maternity Leave

Dear Mr Siow,

Date of Delivery: 24 Dec
Maternity Leave: 24 Dec - 24 Feb
Due Back to Work: 25 Feb

However the following staff informed her Supervisor that she intends to resign effective 24 Feb without serving her required 1-month notice period. Her first month maternity pay/salary (24Dec-24 Jan) has already been released.
As she is required to serve a notice of 1 month if she intends to resign, can we hold he second month maternity (25 Jan - 24 Feb) pay in lieu of her notice?
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KL Siew
24/02/2011 16:17:18
Only intend to resign. Wait and see, don't take the words of the supervisor. If she resigns without notice, withhold her maternity allowance.
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24/02/2011 17:18:47
Dear Mr Siew,

If she does not come back, are we obligated by law to pay her second month maternity allowance or can we treat it as salary in lieu of notice?

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KL Siew
24/02/2011 19:45:21
Yes if you are sure she does not want to work anymore.
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