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24/02/2011 00:31:36
Re: Employer not agree to pay my salary


I work in event company, I have been assigned to get 10 booths/client to participate in our event but I got NONE. because of time restriction and no work experience

I just work exactly a month before the boss terminated me verbally"
"i dont want you" without any notice

as promise by employer I have basic salary which is RM 4000 a month.
I have no work experience at all

I work everyday by using my OWN mobile phone and internet connection to emails potential client at home . Their office got no working tables and chair for employee

The question is
Do i have the right to claim my salary?

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KL Siew
24/02/2011 13:29:18
I think you better don't waste time trying to get your money. Look for something else to do.
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