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23/02/2011 23:40:05
Re: Employer hold my salary

I work on basic salary + Allowance + commission. I summited my resignation letter under my probation period. According to appointment letter, I only can leave the company on the 26th FEB 2011 (7 days after submit the resignation letter). But I apply from my employer that I will leave on the 23rd FEB 2011 (2 days early before my last working day) and employer agreed. But I got a message from my co-worker on behave of my employer that they will hold my basic salary until I collect full payment from one of my customer.
Do they have the right to hold my basic salary?
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KL Siew
24/02/2011 13:25:08
Ask your employer and confirm it whether it is true. If it is true, make a complaint at the Labour Department.
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24/02/2011 19:55:58
Dear Siew,

Thank you for the information. I got a letter from employer about the salary holding. And I refused to sign, at the same time I send them back a letter that mentioned about disagree about holding my basic salary , also requested employer to pay my JAN 2011 and FEB 2011 allowance also together with my salary before 4th of March (Payday).

And only agree for them to hold my commission for the particular customer until I collect full payment from them in 2nd and 3rd invoice.

Will only take action if they don't pay me on time.

Thank you very much
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