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22/02/2011 12:38:52
Re: Medical leave - unconfirmed employee

Hi, I am an unconfirmed emplyee who just joined in my co in Jan 2011. My salary is above RM1.5k. Before this my co allowed medical leave for all unconfirmed employee so as to what my boss told me after my enrollment. But recently I was informed that I am not entiled to medical leave due to standardization in both M'sia and SG practice. Our HQ is in SG. Nothing is written in the employee handbook regarding to unconfirmed employee but there is a clause " Staff under probation may go on leave only with special approval by Directors ". Do they allow to do so? I mean as in M'sia Employment Law?
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KL Siew
22/02/2011 19:25:54
Since you are not covered by the Employment Act, you may have follow the company's rules and regulations.
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