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01/03/2010 10:50:38
Re: Overtime Claim

I have a worker (tool maker) when joint at year 2005, the salary is 1.8k per month, and appoitment letter stated that the OT claim will be 1.0time on normal OT and 1.5 time on Sunday & public holiday if the salary is below 2.5k.

After few year working, company have promoted him as assistant technician on year 2008.

Feb 2010, our company have a merit increment, this worker salary become RM2.7k per month, shall him entitled for OT claim cause the pay already above 2.5k as per appoitment letter.

If company didn't pay him overtime, it is against the labour law or any rules set by government?

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KL Siew
01/03/2010 11:44:09
You better consult the Labour Department whether "assistant technician" drawing RM2700 is still covered under the Employment Act. Let the Labour Department look into the matter and make a ruling on that.
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03/03/2010 11:26:44
For this Chinese New Year holidays, i have workers working on 15-Feb & 16-Feb. 16-Feb for replacement 14-Feb (Sunday). How to calculate they salary?
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KL Siew
03/03/2010 20:52:44
To wendy, the calculation should be (salary/26) x 2 for each of the two days.
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