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20/02/2011 10:57:27
Re: Traveling on rest day.

My director ask me to travel out of the country regularly and he always ask us to travel without a non return ticket and he always ask us to travel on our rest day.
Without a return ticket he will then ask us to travel to other places which is not in our initial travel itinerary and we wont know when we will be returning home.
Once I was refused entry into Indonesia without a return ticket.
My question:
1) Can I travel without a return ticket.
2) If I travel on my rest day, can I ask for a replacement day off, is this provided in the Malaysian Labor law.
Thank You
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KL Siew
20/02/2011 14:06:03
I am quite sure you don't come under the Employment Act which only covers non manual employees with salary not exceeding RM1500. As such, you may have to sort the problems with your company.
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