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18/02/2011 16:24:36
Re: Maternity

Hi Sir,

i had a staff who joined in 6th December 2010 and was pregnant during her joined date. Her confinement period was from 15 March 2011 -14 May 2011. Is she entitle for the maternity leaves and maternity allowance?

Noted from EA:
(2) (a) A female employee shall be entitled to receive maternity
allowance for the eligible period from her employer if—
(i) she has been employed by the employer at any time in
the four months immediately before her confinement;
(ii) she has been employed by the employer for a period of,
or periods amounting in the aggregate to, not less than
ninety days during the nine months immediately before
her confinement.

Please advice. Thanks.
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KL Siew
18/02/2011 17:28:46
If the confinement date is accurate, then she is entitled.
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