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17/02/2011 22:19:39
Re: Resignation & Annual Leave

Dear KL Siew,

My staff resigned on 17th Jan 2011 with 8 weeks or 56 days (according to my company hand book) he last day should be on 13th March 2011?
And if he would like to offset his 5Days annual leave ( 3Days from Yr2010 & 2Days prorate form Yr 2011)...when should be his last day ? (4th March 2011 or 8th March 2011) ?
If my company is 5days works...are Saturday & Sunday consider as Annual Leave offset ?
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KL Siew
18/02/2011 08:40:07
Just count 5 days backwards from 13 March. Alternatively , he can choose to work until the last day of the notice but apply to clear his leave before 13 March.
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