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17/02/2011 19:21:01
Re: maternity

i just give birth on last week but my pregnancy was only 26+ week. i have an emergency IUD due to premature membarne rupture.according to the doctor from GH, I am entitle for maternity leave due to the child that i delivered is more than 500gm even she was not alive. but my company that i work said cannot because not even 28 weeks. now, the GH doctor give me 60days MC because she said that I was entitle for that leave.
so, how now? should you help ?
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KL Siew
18/02/2011 08:09:52
You are entitled to leave but may be without pay. They don't expect to work immediately after child birth. As far as the Employment Act is concerned, since it is not a confinement (must be 28 weeks of pregnancy), you are only entitled to ordinary sick leave with pay, I think.
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