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jia hao lim
01/03/2010 00:10:59
Re: suddenly no show any more. how about salary ?

I have a worker, she suddenly have a no show on a particular morning. we called her more than 10 times and the phone is not being picked up. shop is suppose to be open at 10am that morning. at 2:30pm, a customer called us, asking us why the shop is not opened yet. it is a totally no show and no notice to us.

on the 2nd day, we called her again, still, no one pick up the phone. we went to her house, she dare not meet us. well.... fine....

3rd day. no show... 4th day.. no show..... obviously.. no show any more....

if i am not mistaken, the date she didn't show up is on January 24th. On January 3rd, she have requested a advance salary of rm 200 from us because she is in need of money. we gave it to her. on 24th, she became a no show person... well..... do we still have to pay her the remainder salary ? we have calculated, it is about rm 200 ++ her no show have already gave us big headache, do we still have to give in ?
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KL Siew
01/03/2010 09:05:45
Just withhold whatever salary she has with the company.
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