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17/02/2011 16:35:19
Re: Calculation of salary

My staff join this company 15 Sep 2010. He need to tender 2 weeks notice if decide to resign. He tender his notice on 29 nov 2010. i beleive, his last date should be on 12 dec 2010. But,
on 30 nov 2010, he absent.
on 1 dec, he came to work
on 2 & 3dec, he absent
on 4 & 6 dec, he came to work
on 7 & 8, he absent
on 9 dec, he came to work
on 10 & 11 dec, he absent.

How am i supposed to calculate his salary?
In November itself he absent for 6 days.

Please advise.


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KL Siew
17/02/2011 17:49:49
Days of absence will of course be no pay and on top of that, you can ask him to pay indemnity for the same number of days.
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