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17/02/2011 09:49:18
Re: Resignation

My salary is above RM1,500. In letter of employment stated that within probation period, employee is required to provide 7 days notice if resignation. However, after confirmation, 1 month notice is required. I joined the company on 1st of Nov 2010. On 12th Feb, my boss has done the appraisal with me and evaluate my performance in pass 2 and half months and he also recommend to top management to confirm me. However, until to date I have not receive any letter or feedback from HR pertaining to my confirmation and my salary crediting still same with the letter of employment.

I have tender my resignation yesterday due to better opportunity given. I have mentioned in my resignation letter that I will give my 7 days notice. However, HR personel told me that I need to provide 1 month notive due to the management has already confirmed me. And I have informed that I didn't receive any confirmation from HR. HR personel told me that the company didn't give me letter of confirmation doesn't mean they did confirm me and some more my boss has do appraisal already to confirm me.

Pls advise. As whether I need to give one month notice or 7 days notice to the company. Thanks.
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KL Siew
17/02/2011 17:25:30
There can be a dispute. You yourself will have to decide which period of notice you want to give and lets see what will happen.
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