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13/02/2011 18:15:04
Re: Resign before Chinese New Year

I have tendered my resignation on 28 Jan 2011 before Chinese New Year and give 1 month notice but my boss disallowed my last day to be end of Feb.According to him, office closed 1 week during CNY and he can't find people to replace me.
If I disagree and leave the company on 28 Feb, do I breach the employment contract? (Under my contract, it states that it shall be terminable upon not less than 1 months notice by either party)
Is it correct that I have fulfilled the 1 month of termination notice?
For your additional info, I am the category of employee NOT covered
under Employment Act.
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KL Siew
13/02/2011 19:02:40
Since it is one month notice, I think it is OK for your to leave at the end of Feb. Unable to get anyone to replace you is their problem.
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