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09/02/2011 15:22:25
Re: MC to replace Leaves applied

Dear Mr.KL Siew and fellow HR Officer,

I have a staff who tend used MC to replace her annual leaves. For instance, she applied half day leave on Tuesday noon and she come to work in the morning. The next day, she will pass you an MC and claim that she is on MC on Tuesday and not on leave.

I had explained to her that MC is issued because you are unfit to work, not for you to replace the annual leave you had applied earlier but she seems reluctant to listen and insist that as long as i give you the MC from Doctor you cant deduct my leaves.

FYI, she is pregnant now and she needs to go for check up in government hospital, she used this method to avoid her annual leaves being deducted.

May i know how to deal with this kind of staff?

many thanks
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KL Siew
09/02/2011 17:26:12
She may be just wants to be cautious by applying for leave to see a doctor in case she is not given sick leave. She does not want to go for checkup without leave I suppose. If she is given sick leave by the doctor, I think you have to accept it.
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10/02/2011 14:15:12
yup agreed on Mr Siew, and want share we as and HR on dilemma thats only being based on the proof, for example we know that our employee is lazy coming to work, but as long as they have a proof (such as MC) then we cannot accuse him. They have the rights not based his attitude but on the facts. So, we need to work hard but what if we had 500 employees? @@
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