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st tan
09/02/2011 07:44:44
Re: annual leave & resignation

Thank you for your help.

I have taken back the resignation letter prepare by the company.

They will give me one month of my salary, if I resign by myself. Is that
the right way. Should I give them resignation letter?

If I complain to the Labour Dept. or Industrial Relations Dept., what benefit I will give?
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KL Siew
09/02/2011 09:03:30
If you resign, you will lose your maternity benefit which is two months salary amounting to RM2000. Paying you one month salary may not be enough. It may be OK if they are willing to pay your another RM2000 as two months maternity allowance in advance. Too early to make complaint when they have not yet sacked you.

If you have more queries, continue from below, don't post new messages.
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st tan
09/02/2011 17:55:03
Since I only with the company for 9 months, do I entitle for the maternity leave. ? As mention, I need to complete one year then I will get my annual leave, when I don't entitle for annual leave, is it the same issue that I will not get my maternity leave.

Now, the company want me to write a resignation letter, so they will pay me 2 months salary. But I did not do anything wrong, why I have to write resignation letter?

Please advise. Thank you.
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KL Siew
09/02/2011 20:27:15
Your salary as you said is only RM1000 and therefore you are covered by the Employment Act and therefore entitled to maternity allowance even though with less than one year service. Just don't resign on your own.
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