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st tan
08/02/2011 19:50:19
Re: annual leave & resignation

I was employed in May 2010 as marketing execective with a salary of RM1,000. Since May - Dec 2010. HR did not confirm my position, and state no annual leave also.

At the moment, I am pregnant and due date will be March 8, 2011. Today, I report duty HR give a 24 hrs termination letter for me to sign.
I feel that I did not do anything worry, what I have to sign. HR says the company change new boss, if I don't sign, there is no compensation of one month salary till Feb. 28, 2011.

Do I entitle of annual letter, when a staff receive no confirmation letter?

Do the boss has a right to termination a staff within 24 hours when the
employer did not do anything wrong?

Please let me know where can I find the employment act?
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KL Siew
08/02/2011 21:13:26
Let them do whatever they like but just don't sign that resignation letter. About annual leave, under the Employment Act, you need to complete 12 months of service before you are entitled annual leave. If they sack you, you complain to the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department.
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