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04/02/2011 20:12:45
Re: Salary

Hi to anyone who is reading my post.
My name isbryan

I'm facing a salary delay issue.
I've been working for an company in promoting one of their product.
My position was a promotion. Date of working is October 2010 (last year)
But until now I still haven't receive my pay for tat certain promotion project I did. What can i do? Please Advice
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KL Siew
04/02/2011 20:40:17
Go and make a complaint at the Labour Department. You should know the name and address of the company you worked with and the exact amount they still owe you.
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04/02/2011 20:55:05
i didnt really went to the company to get the job. i was suppose to just replace my fren during his off days. but later the supervisor asked me to continue for another project.
the funny thing is. my fren got his salary. and not yet mine.
bout the exact amount, I don't know about it.
cause commissions will be added in if the total sales is good.
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KL Siew
04/02/2011 21:01:18
If you don't know, ask the supervisor or your friend.
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