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27/01/2011 18:05:52
Re: maternity

i hv 2 Qs.
1. we hv a staff , she is pregnant now. she would like to apply for unpaid leave for about 3 months till her delivery is on April 2011. the reason she gv is would like to hv more time to take a rest at home. can we not approve her unpaid leave?

2. it's possible a women start her maternity leave before her delivery upon her request? for example: she start her MT on 1/1/2011, but her delivery date was on 10/1/2011.
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KL Siew
28/01/2011 12:43:13
1. It is up to you to approve or not to approve.
2. Can start but not more than one month earlier than the delivery date. In your case, it is OK to do so.
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