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27/01/2011 10:08:26
Re: Disciplinary issue

Dear Mr. Siew,

Need your advise on the following:
Our company policies on Disciplinary mentioned:-
" If an employee has been issued 3rd warning letter, it is considered final warning and will be treated as termination with immediate effect."; " In case of dismissal due to misconduct, employee will be dismiss without any notice or pay in lieu of notice."

Fyi, we are going to issue a 3rd warning letter to a staff. Question:
1. once the 3rd warning letter has been issued to him, is that mean also as termination with immediate effect?
2. or the 3rd warning letter followed up by Show Cause Letter? followed by DI & dismissal with immediate effect?

What is the proper procedure to avoid any incorrect action taken?
Please advise.

thank you.
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KL Siew
27/01/2011 10:25:43
By reading that clause, I am just as unsure as you are. Have that clause rewritten to make matters clearer. Get a consultant to do it for you if necessary.
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21/02/2011 21:32:03
Dear Sir,

I need your advice, I am Manager in one of the Organization, in one occasion one of my staff came in late for repeatly 2days. I has issued him lateness form, but he refused to sign and i have informed the matter to my department head and my boss just ignored my email. After 3days the staff concern posted on Facebook with stating my name badly using Inappropriate words which the whole organization came to know about it. I have issued Counselling/Misconduct to the staff concern yet he refused to sign. Again i sent an email to my boss and cc to my HR. Till today there is no action taken against the staff.

I have all the proof of his punch card time/ CCTV recoder and the Facebook comments about me.

Please advice me what shall i do, and what can the HR do to the staff concern due for insubordinate the Manager.

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