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05/01/2010 13:52:00
Re: Pregnancy staff

There is a pregnancy woman work in my work place, recently she keep giving feeling uncomfortable execuse to be absent from the job. But when HR required MC or any letter from doctor,she was fail to do so by giving the reason doctor did not gave her. One more month going to be delivered the baby, she request for early leave so she can rest at home to wait for the delivered by giving the reason " Doctor said have to stay at home to rest more". Once the HR ask her to show any document from doctor, she failed to do so and giving the same reason doctor no giving her any document to be proved. We all guessing she will be resigned after the 2 moths maternity leave immediately. So, should HR still giving her the 2 months maternity leave or what HR should do since she request the leave before she delive the baby. TQ
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KL Siew
05/01/2010 15:20:07
The proviso of Section 37(1) of the Employment Act may be of some help:

"Provided that where a medical officer or the registered medical practitioner appointed by the employer certifies that the female employee as a result of her advanced stage of pregnancy is unable to perform her duties satisfactorily, the employee may be required to commence her maternity leave at any time during a period of fourteen days preceding the date of her confinement as determined in advance by the medical officer or the registered medical practitioner appointed by the employer. "

For other absence without MC support, may just be treated as no pay leave if she has exhausted all her annual leave.
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11/01/2010 11:48:16
my company is plaining to VSS people. Can my co. vss a pregnant lady which has 4 months to deliver baby? what benefit she can get? pls advise. Thank you
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