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24/01/2011 15:53:45
Re: Resignation without 30days notice

I just work 1 week and under probation.
When I sign the appointment letter, I did not realize the resignation notice is 30 WORKING DAYS (that mean not include Saturday & Sunday), which is almost 6 weeks.

I tender my resignation on 24jan. My boss has accept my resignation letter which stated my last day will be on end of Feb (5 weeks notice).

If I did not turn to work after 31jan and I did not take the salary of 2 weeks, can the boss sue me?
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KL Siew
24/01/2011 16:40:38
Yes, they can demand for the balance if they want to. Best you talk to your boss whether he will let you off earlier without having paying for the short notice.
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26/01/2011 07:31:05
Termination work without one month notice

A staff give a resign letter on 11/01/2011.
1)If One month notice, his last day is on 10/2/2011, correct? This period have few days public holidays, so is it included it?
2) He said his last day service is 29/01/11, in appointment letter is 1 month notice or 1 month in lieu of salary, so he need to pay back 1 month or the balace of days he quit of service?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
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KL Siew
26/01/2011 08:28:26
ANN, last day is 10/2 and he has to pay back the balance of short notice if he quits earlier.
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