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24/01/2011 12:29:09
Re: Short notice

Dear Siew,

My termination notice is 2 months and I am serving 1 month notice now. Also, my company policy stated that annual leave cannot be utilised during the notice period in case of resignation.

1) Can the company ask me to stay for 2 months even if I pay them back ?

2) I still have balance of 7 days leave, if I apply leave during my termination notice and rejected by the company, can I ask them to pay back ?

3) Can the company not give me the release letter due to my short notice ?
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KL Siew
24/01/2011 15:10:30
1. The company has the right to ask to stay and you also has the right leave. The choice is yours if both parties cannot do it amicably.
2. Yes, you may do so.
3. You cannot force them to give that letter if they choose not to do so.
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