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24/01/2011 12:06:27
Re: working hour

the one day working cannot more than 8 hour, is including 1 hour lunch time or not?(than mean 7 hour working + 1 hour lunch time , is like this? )
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KL Siew
24/01/2011 15:03:54
Does not include lunch break.
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17/02/2011 09:01:49
Is 48 hours per week stated in labour law including the daily 1 hour lunch ?
Our current working hours is from 8.45am to 6pm (8.25 hours excluding 1 hour lunch) 5 day a week which stated in our employment letter and now our employer are planing to change our working hours to 9 hours daily excluding 1 hour lunch, please advice the following :
1. Can employer change any term & condition in a employment letter without agreed by employee ?
2. If yes and the employee refuse to accept the changes, can the employer to any action to the employee ?

Thank you.
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